The Future Science Prize is the first world-class, privately sponsored science prize in China.  Since 2016, a set of annual awards were bestowed in three categories: life science, physical science, mathematics and computer science, in recognition of high-impact scientific advances in the Greater China region. The Future Science Prize ceremony is held annually in Beijing, China to recognize the scientists who have contributed significantly to the scientific community as well as to all of humanity. The concurrently held science forum and symposium invites scientists from all over the world to share scientific development on the cutting-edge and to explore interdisciplinary and innovative academic insights; it is the only high-end, multi-disciplinary international scientific conference held in China.

Since 2019, the Future Forum introduces a Steering Committee, composed of well-known experts from home and abroad, to guide the topics of discussion during the conference; the Program Committee, a subcommittee of said committee, is responsible for setting the agenda and inviting domestic and foreign guests to ensure the high level and extensive global perspective of the conference. Gang Tian and Xiaoliang Sunney Xie of the Peking University serve as co-chairs of the Program Committee, jointly grandly launching the 2020 Future Science Prize Week.

We cordially invite nearly a hundred esteemed scientists, business leaders, and artists with outstanding influences and diverse perspectives to join us for an eventful week filled with cross-border dialogues. During the week, a number of public events will be held, including the Virus and Medicine Forum, the Education – Research – Innovation Forum, the Future Science Prize Ceremony, and lectures given by the prize winners. 

As the most influential science award in Greater China today, we first and foremost hope to use the Future Science Prize to celebrate the scientists, whose achievements in scientific fields demand more considerable attention from the public that has never felt more urgent to become more informed; and if we may, we wish to not only have an impact on the present but, more importantly, on the next generation whose future is now and whose world is a fast-changing place with so much at stake.

Future Science Prize Week 2020 

Overview of Agenda

November 16th   19:00-21:30

Future Science Prize Week Opening Ceremony

November 17th   19:00-21:30

Virus and Medicine Forum

November 18th   19:00-21:30

Evening Discussions with Young Scientists I 

November 19th   19:00-21:30

Evening Discussions with Young Scientists II

November 20th   09:00-18:00

Education – Research – Innovation Forum

November 21st   

09:00-12:00    Future Science Prize Lecture in Life Science 

13:00-16:00    Future Science Prize Lecture in Physical Science

16:00-19:00    Future Science Prize Lecture in Mathematics and Computer Science

November 22nd   09:00-12:00

The Public Lectures of the Future Science Prize in Life Science

Dialogue: Life Science Prize Laureate  with K12 Students

The Public Lectures of the Future Science Prize in Physical Science

Dialogue: Physical Science Prize Laureate with K12 Students

The Public Lectures of the Future Science Prize in Mathematics and Computer Science

Dialogue:Mathematics and Computer Science Prize Laureate with K12 Students

November 22nd   15:10-17:45

Future Science Prize Award Ceremony