Nomination Period of the Future Science Prize closes on March 15th, 2022.

Publish Time:2022-03-04

Future Science Prize


Categories of the Prize

The Future Science Prize annually grants three awards: "Life Science Prize", "Physical Science Prize" and "Mathematics and Computer Science Prize". 



-  The Life Science Prize shall be awarded to the life-science related basis and applied research.

-  The Physical Science Prize shall be awarded to the physical-science related basis and applied research.

-  The Mathematics and Computer Science Prize shall be awarded to the mathematics and computer science related basis and applied research.



The awards and their criteria are as follows:

-  significant international impacts

- original and passed the trial of time

-  completed mainly in the Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan. There is no restriction on the nationalities of the nominees.



The Future Science Prize is a $1 million award, respectively given to annual winners of the Life Science Prize, the Physical Science Prize, and the Mathematics and Computer Science Prize.



The number of Laureates is determined by the most prominent person in the same group. Based on the principle, the number of winners per award shall not exceed five.




Candidates for each award shall be selected by nominators, reviewed and approved by the Science Committee. Personal nomination and public recommendation shall not be accepted.  Nominators recommended by a Science Committee member must be approved and acknowledged by the Science Committee unitedly before he or she is allowed to nominate.



Each nominator may annually submit nominations valid for up to five years. When the secretariat invites nominators, it is necessary to remind the nominator whether he or she wishes to extend the nomination letter of the past year. If the nominator chooses not to do so, he or she needs to inform the Secretariat or submit a new nominations. The nomination shall be carried out independently,meaning that a nominee cannot be nominated jointly by more than one nominator.


Potential Candidate Changes

Science Committee members do not have the right to nominate for the award. However, if there are omissions or mistakes in any candidate’s work during the evaluation, the Science Committee can make changes to the list of candidates.


All staff members (including members of the Science Committee and the Oversight Committee) who participate in the Future Science Prize selection process shall maintain confidentiality regarding the details of the selection process, and shall sign a confidentiality agreement with a confidentiality period of 50 years.


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