Established in 2016, the Future Science Prize is jointly initiated by groups of scientists and entrepreneurs. The Future Science Prize supports original and innovative research in foundational science, awarding scientists with splendid contributions in the Greater China Region despite their nationality. After the nomination of potential Laureates, the Science Committee, formed by excellent scientists, conduct the selection process, ensuring the principle of independency, fairness, and originality. 


The Prize is given in three categories with $1 million of prize money for each award––namely Life Science Prize, Physical Science Prize, and Mathematics and Computer Science Prize. The Prize is funded by highly respected entrepreneur donors with immense social contributions who cherish the value of scientific development. Moreover, the Future Science Awards Foundation Limited is responsible for the donations and its distributions. Each categories of Prize has four selected donors.


Laureates of the Prize will be selected regardless of their nationality, as long as their achievements are original and innovative, have long-term significance or have passed the trial of time. In addition, their researches need to be completed mainly in the Greater China region (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.) 


“Push for Scientific Improvement. Aim for Future Development.”

Future Science Prize is established to pay tribute to outstanding scientists, reward them for their significant contribution, sparkle the public’s enthusiasm for science, and inspire the younger generation to understand China’s great ambition for scientific development.

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