Let Science Ignite Youth! 6 Future Science Prize Laureates Talk to Youth, Nobel Laureate-Prof. Michael Levitt Answers Students' Questions via Video

Publish Time:2023-10-17

On the morning of October 17, the 2023 Future Science Prize Laureates' Dialogue with Youth was held at the Hong Kong Palace Museum.

The laureatesof the 2023 Future Science Prize- Life SciencePrize, Jijie Chai and Jian-Min Zhou; the laureates of the Physical SciencePrzie, Zhongxian Zhao and Xianhui Chen; and the laureates of the Mathematics and Computer SciencePrize, Shaoqing Ren and Xiangyu Zhang, attended the event to give a presentation on popularization of science to nearly 300 young people, and to share with them their own stories of growing up, pursuing their studies, and conducting scientific researches.

At the scene, students from the Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council, the Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, the Heads of Government Secondary School Heads Association and 20 secondary schools in Hong Kong, students from the "Distinguished Master Accomplished Students" Mentorship Programme of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, the Founder Dean of Bloom KKCA Acadamy and students from the Academy, students from the Maryknoll Secondary School invited by KUIST, as well as children from the mountainous schools of the Teach For China program and many teenagers from Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong watched the event via webcast, allowing them to experience the charm of science at the same time.

A group of scientists had in-depth exchanges with the students, hoping to inspire young people to love science and master innovative thinking methods, thus stimulating their infinite creativity and imagination.

Jijie Chai and Jian-Min Zhou: Protecting Plant Health and Bringing Benefits to Humanity

Jijie Chai and Jian-Min Zhou, laureatesof the 2023 Future Science Prize-Life SciencePrize, gave science presentations to teenagers and exchange views with them.

Xianhui Chen and Zhongxian Zhao: Emancipating our minds and breaking throughtraditions

Zhongxian Zhao and Xianhui Chen, laureates of the 2023 Future Science Prize-Physical SciencePrize, gave presentations to teenagers and exchange views with them.

Shaoqing Ren and Xiangyu Zhang: Continuing to Explore and Turning Science Fiction into Reality

The laureates of the 2023 Future Science Prize - Mathematics and Computer Science Prize, Shaoqing Ren and Xiangyu Zhang, gave science presentations to teenagers and exchange views with them.

Nobel Laureate - Prof. Michael Levitt Answers Questions from Teenagers via Video

Michael Levitt, Robert W. And Vivian K. Cahill Professor of Cancer Research and Professor, By Courtesy, of Computer Science, Stanford University, and 2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, was specially invited to answer questions from teens via video-"Where does the inspiration to do scientific research usually come from?"

Prof. Michael Levitt says that inspiration essentially means creativity, it's a magical thing, and no one knows where it comes from, most of the time it will come to us in the shower while walking the dog, while cooking, or even while dreaming. I don't know where inspiration comes from either, but I do know that it doesn't come from when you're trying to find it, usually it can arise while resting or while doing something unimportant.

"I always tell the people I work with that you shouldn't work so hard; you should have more time to go to the movies, go for a walk, exercise or play games. Socializing is also important, and we often generate new ideas in conversation, especially between people from different disciplinary backgrounds." Professor Michael Levitt spoke.

Science popularizer and Associate Professor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Wang Yi, as an invited MC, said that the Future Science Prize has set up a platform for young people to directly communicate with world-class scientists, and through the dialogues and exchanges, they can feel the scientists' spiritual qualities of selfless dedication and courageous exploration, hoping that the event can ignite the spark of science in the hearts of the students, and that as a young generation, we should pass on the spirit of science and be courageous and innovative, so as to use our own wisdom and strength to create a brighter future!


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