Announcement of 2023 Future Science Prize Laureates: Jijie Chai, Jian-Min Zhou, Zhongxian Zhao, Xianhui Chen, Kaiming He, Jian Sun, Shaoqing Ren, Xiangyu Zhang

Publish Time:2023-08-16

The Future Science Prize announced the laureates of 2023 on August 16th

Jijie Chai and Jian-Min Zhou receive the Future Science Prize in life sciences for the discovery of resistosomes and elucidation of their molecular structures and functions in plant immune responses against pathogens.

Zhongxian Zhao and Xianhui Chen receive the Future Science Prize in physical sciences for their seminal breakthroughs in the discovery of high-temperature superconducting materials and systematic advancements in elevating the transition temperature. 

Kaiming He, Jian Sun (late), Shaoqing Ren, Xiangyu Zhang receive the Future Science Prize in mathematics and computer science, for their fundamental contributions to artificial intelligence by introducing deep residual learning.

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