Announcement of 2022 Future Science Prize Winners: Wenhui Li, Xueming Yang, Ngaiming Mok

Publish Time:2022-08-21

The Future Science Prize announced the winners of 2022 on August 21st


ProfWenhui Li receives the Future Science Prize in life sciences for his discovery of the Hepatitis B and D virus receptor, sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (NTCP). This discovery facilitates the development of more effective treatment for hepatitis B and D.


Prof. Xueming Yang receives the Future Science Prize in physical sciences for developing new-generation molecular beam techniques with high resolution and sensitivity for state-resolved reaction dynamics studies, revealing quantum resonances and geometric phase effects in chemical reactions. 


Prof. Ngaiming Mok receives the Future Science Prize in mathematics and computer science, for developing the theory of Varieties of Minimal Rational Tangents in algebraic geometry to solve several long-standing problems and proving Ax-Schanuel’s conjecture for Shimura varieties.


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